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About Company

"Parth Overseas" came in to existence in the year 1995 to provide human services by way of Pharmaceutical Drugs & Fine Chemicals.
Today we are exporting to more than 12 countries & serving to 20 Pharmaceutical - Laboratories throughout the world. We also provide Contract Manufacturing facility for the Speciality Chemicals on exclusive contract basis.

In 2015 we have successfully tested our 2 mainstream Noble Products for Indian Market.

1) : it is Cancer Detection Diagnostic kit “Cankit“, in Joint venture with Swiss based Company Its very easy & authentic way for detecting Cancer inits very early Stage. Its very easy  & authentic way for detecting Cancer  inits very early  Stage.

It would be very helpful to those person who is habitual to Someking / Tobacco chewing or consuming Alcohol on regular basis.The product is under final Trials at TATA Memorial Hospital.For more details kindly visit www.cankit.in

2) : we have come out with another very Unique & Niche Diffusional Patch for Disk Herniation.The product was developed by a European Company in Turkey.Its CE certified & our Principals in Turkey has already filed their Patent.

Herniated Disk Disease

There is a structure called intervertebral disc that serves as a pad between two vertebral bones of spine. The interior of this structure is called nucleus pulposus, a gel-like structure containing about 80-90% intercellular water. Nucleus pulposus is surrounded by a highly elastic solid structure called annulus fibrosus. If annulus fibrous is torn or worn causing the gel-like soft structure flow out, into the spinal canal, this medical condition is then called as spinal disk herniation (herniated disc). If the herniated disk presses against the spinal nerves, the resulting clinical picture is called as herniated disc disease.

Product Information

This medical device, ARTCURE® DP, is an article intended to be used for human beings for the purpose of alleviation and supporting the treatment of herniated disk disease.
ARTCURE® DP achieves its action by modifying the process within herniated disc through diffusional mechanical effect.

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