Artcure Diffusional Patch is not a medicine. It performs mechanically. The system which provides the mechanical effect is the formed oil molecules present within the content of Artcure.
Disc is an avascular tissue and supplies its nourishment through diffusion. The interior of a disc is a gelatinous structure, whereas the surrounding wall is of controlled semi-permeable nature. As a result of herniation, permeability of outer wall increases at sections whereby structural degradation or tear occurs. Increased permeability facilitates penetration of formed oil molecules.
The osmotic pressure in the herniated zone decreases with the penetration of formed low density oil molecules, causing a relative decrease in the density and viscosity of the herniated disc zone with respect to surrounding tissues. The liquid in the herniated disc that has become hypoosmolar moves towards surrounding tissues which are relatively more hyperosmolar. Consequently, reduction in the mass of herniated disc results in a reduction in the pressure exerted on nerve roots.
Artcure cannot penetrate into a healthy disc whose surrounding wall is not damaged. Therefore, Artcure influences only in the herniated zone.
As a result, Artcure with its special features, is a noninvasive method that can be applied before having recourse to surgery.

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